Transit Maps of the World

I picked up this book over the weekend. I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it in Kinokuniya and bought it on the spot.

The book is awesome and fun to look at. Martin, Nick, Ben and I met with Andrew on Saturday at Columbia City Ale House for the city’s best fish tacos, beers and transit talk and I think that we all got a kick out of the book. A couple of disappointing things:

  • For Seattle it lists the monorail, and says that light rail is proposed.
  • It only shows the Metro map for Tokyo, which gives a false impression since those stations are less than half of the total train stations in Tokyo, and it also only shows BART/Cal Train for SF instead of showing Muni.
  • It doesn’t have a map for Yokohama, Portland or Vancouver.

Small gripes, the book is great.


  1. Anonymous says

    Portland is one of the small tiny maps in the final zone 6 section of the book. Impossible to make out the details, but it’s there.

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