Street Car photos

Here are some photos from the streetcar event:

It’s a beautiful train.

Joke’s run it’s course guys.

These are from Ryan, thanks! Nickels said “I don’t care what you call it, as long as you ride it!”


  1. sn@h says

    That’s me in the first photo! The streetcar was stuffed so much that they barely could close the doors.

  2. Neil says

    I didn’t make it into the first public run, but into the second one due to it being so full. What’s sad is that they’ll never see so many people on normal runs.

  3. Anonymous says

    Sure man, what’s your email?

    I’m tokodaisumius at

    Neil, true. There won’t be that many people on a normal run until there’s a real full system.

  4. Ryan says

    I was actually surprised at the fairly wide public acceptance of the S.L.U.T. name, and how many (even older, well dressed) people asked me about where to find the pin that the guys in the picture gave me. They mayor said that they prefer to call it “The Love Machine,” and played the associated song at the event. However, it is very unfortunate how many people who hate the streetcar refer to it that way, as it takes some of the playfulness out of the term.

    I saw even more of the shirts last night at the UW Sound Transit Station Open House.

  5. BerlinTramFan says

    Hi Guys,
    just found this blog about Seattle transit. Will be there next May to explore North American Light Rail and Streetcar systems. Do you think the Waterfront Line will be reopened then ?

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