Viaduct Meeting Tomorrow

It’s not a public comment meeting, but you could submit a written comment and listen to the latest thinking:

The State, King County and the City of Seattle are working together to create a solution for the central waterfront section that can be broadly supported and implemented. Our intention is to develop a recommended approach in December 2008 for consideration by the legislature in 2009.

A key part of this effort is the creation of the new Stakeholder Advisory Committee, which was formed by Governor Chris Gregoire, King County Executive Ron Sims, and Mayor Greg Nickels. The committee will be made up of 30 individuals representing various constituencies and community groups throughout King County. WSDOT, KCDOT and SDOT will lead the committee to engage key stakeholders, listen to ideas, and conduct a transparent public involvement process over the next year.

The first committee meeting will be held Thursday, Dec. 13, 4 to 7 p.m. at Town Hall in Seattle. The meeting is open to the public, but it will not be a forum for open comment. The public is invited to submit written comments at the meeting or through Comments can also be submitted at any time on our hotline, 1-888-AWV-LINE. For more information, please visit the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program Web site.

Anyone who attends is encouraged to report about it in this post’s comments.


  1. kinda says

    Without a rebuild or a tunnel, and, considering how many vehicles per day travel through this corridor, I think that the only logical solution is a series of “super street” sections with either underpass or overpass ability for thru traffic to minimize traffic congestion. In a fazed build, this may allow rebuild of the sea wall along with the street improvement.

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