Lake Union Water Taxi

Here is something I simply had no idea that existed.

The Lake Union Water Taxi which serves two route; The Westlake – Fremont, Westlake @ The Electric Boat Company, and the Center of Wooden Boats and the Eastlake – Marriott/Chandlers, E Newton, Ivars @ Wallingford, and UW/Agua Verde in Portage Bay.

The rate is cheap at $3 one way or $5 round trip for either route and the crossing with a stop takes about 30 minutes on the Eastlake Route and about 20 minutes for the Westlake Route with one stop. The schedule is limited to Rush Hour and both locations serve the Seattle Streetcar stations with a short walk to and from. The boats are all electric, heated, and enclosed

Their website says September 10 – November 23, 2007 Monday – Friday Only. I’m not sure how long they have been around but it is a start to the King County Passenger Ferry service.

For more information, check out their website!

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