Vintage Amtrak Commercials

I think this is pretty interesting, some old Amtrak commercials from the 1970s through the early 1990s.


  1. Hey Andy, have you heard anything that would verify this?

    “Privatization advocates led Obama transportation review effort.”

    • I’ve not heard that. I know that DeFazio said Larry Summers had a lot to with the lower number for transit, but I think highway advocates are upset with the seemingly low number for them.

  2. I want a $150 USA Rail Pass…

    • I traveled all round the US on one of those passes in January 1977: Springfield, MA to NY, Chicago, Seattle, Eugene, Bay Area, LA, Houston, KC, St Louis, Chicago and back to Springfield. Upgraded to sleeper 2 nights of the 8, which turned out to be 9 nights due to a blizzard along Lake Erie which caused the Lake Shore Ltd to to take two nights to get from Chicago to Springfield. A most memorable Amtrak excursion.

  3. I could not authenticate the documents themselves. ,

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