News Round-Up: Density

3rd & Pike St.

3rd and Pike from Robin Kiley


  1. says

    Well, it seems to me that Simpson says we could use the surface-transit option, and then goes on to list the costs of the surface-transit option as making the tunnel too expensive.

    He says King County residents would pay $200 more for car tabs (other sources usually show this as $100) but that money was to improve bus service. He likewise refers to City of Seattle and Port of Seattle expenses that, again, are to improve transit. He refers to tax-increment financing as a “shell game” when it is, in fact, nothing more than collecting more taxes on properties with higher valuations.

    Simpson is unaware (or chooses to ignore) that the state will pay for the tunnel just as they would pay for the viaduct. And he thinks it’s a bad idea to charge a toll. I think it’s a good idea.

    Call me old-fashioned, but when someone tries to confuse me with a lot of BS, I have less inclination to believe what they say, not more.

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        And to add some streetcars, starting with one on First Ave. as I understand it, the Port and county will get the Waterfront Streetcar running again, which I hope will include an extension to the cruise ships at Pier 91. But maybe that would make too much sense.

  2. poncho says

    thats great about HSR. my only concern is, it needs to be spent on one, at most two HSR projects. if that $8 billion gets divided all around the country to numerous proposals, you wont pay for much more than a single trainset per proposal. it needs to be for CA HSR or the NEC.

    • says

      Hey, no way! Washington State DOT could make a billion of that into real high speed running in just a year or two. They have a very clear plan to get real HSR from border to border by 2020, the main problem is a lack of money.

  3. poncho says

    ok, maybe i’ve been a little fixiated on the true HSR systems built from scratch that would need more money. but i know the NEC is many billions in need of repairs, deferred maintenence and important upgrades.

    would WSDoT speed up their plans if they had a billion? it would seem to be a project that could be started fairly quickly.

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