No-Pants Light Rail Ride Tomorrow

Photo by Atomic Taco

I’m not sure how this escaped our attention until now (or it would have just gone in Thursday’s roundup), but those interested in the annual no-pants light rail ride should meet at Westlake Plaza at 2pm tomorrow. The event runs until 4:30.

Here’s the Facebook event.

It isn’t my scene, but the forecast for Sunday is warmish (as of Friday night) so good luck to you.

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  1. All you ‘true-blue’ Link supporters should show up in jock straps.

  2. Mark Dublin says:

    Why is Seattle Transit Blog paying any attention to this? Lately I’ve been noticing other media devoting ever more time to subjects that are not only irrelevant to any serious purpose, but worse, insipid.

    First indication of trouble was when Dave Ross, probably the best interviewer on the radio, suddenly paired with a younger host whose previous resume entry was called “Too Beautiful to Live”. It’s like somebody at 97.3 decided that Dave’s incisiveness needed an a really gelatinous mind to dull the pain of thinking among listeners and sponsors.

    If this were a diner in Minnesota, menu item would be called “Hot Dish”- but with all ingredients from a mix. Probably no great harm in riding trains without pants on. Many forms of pants are worse, cut-offs, for instance, and of course jeans tailored to show underwear.

    But somebody has to fight back against the Luke Burbankization of public discussion in this region.

    Mark Dublin

  3. How about swimsuits only on the Link on March the Tenth for Open Gov’t Day?

    Yeah baby!


  4. Christopher Stefan says:

    Damn, missed the no-pants ride again this year.

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