Bellevue Adds Focus Group for Downtown Employees

After a number of you took issue with the exclusivity of Bellevue’s focus groups for its Downtown Livability Initiative, the City responded by adding a new session geared at downtown employees.  While the addition doesn’t make the target audience entirely exhaustive of everyone who will be affected by the plan, it is a big step toward including many who spend a lot of time in downtown Bellevue but don’t necessarily live there.

The new focus group will be held from 4pm to 6pm next Tuesday, March 19th, at Bellevue City Hall.  There’s only one other focus group (for residents) left for tomorrow evening, so if you’re interested in attending, be sure to RSVP at  Again, the City is more concerned with taking your input than it is which group you end up attending, so if you don’t fit in either remaining category (resident or employee), it’s really not a big deal.


  1. Sam says

    I spend a lot of time at a relative’s house. I demand that my voice be heard in how their house is going to be redecorated!

    • says

      It’s more like your relative has been fixing their house up in hopes of renting it out, and has asked for advice from the neighbors, the plumber, the garbage truck driver, and their mortgage broker, but hadn’t actually thought to ask any potential tenants what they were looking for.

      If Bellevue wants to make their downtown more livable, checking in with people who work there but don’t live there is a good way to find out what they could improve. People generally like to live near where they work, after all, so downtown office workers are probably going to be the first people to move in if Bellevue can figure out how to attract them.

  2. Stephen says

    I went to the session for residents yesterday, and it was interesting. They shared current building regulations, which was informative, and had small (~6 people) focus groups where they went through 7 different areas (amenity incentives, pedestrians, building form and height etc…).

    My one concern is it’s hard to see how they will synthesize the feedback from these meetings. I’d guess there are probably >100 different people attending these when they’re all said and done, and it’s hard to say exactly how they’ll use that info.

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