In Case You Missed It: 2 Holiday Weeks of STB

We squandered a fair amount of good analysis and journalism during the two weeks you weren’t paying attention. Presented in rough order of significance:

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  1. Cool! Keep on fighting the good fight!

  2. Nice picture! I remember when those buses were new, trying to make sense of the various local place names stitched into the seats (I don’t think they have any relation to the vaguely geographical shapes). The briefcase racks are great in theory, but I always get nervous I’ll forget my backpack if I toss it up there. I guess this must be a 550 heading southwest between Convention Place and Westlake? If it was approaching Westlake from the other direction it would have more people on it!

    • I think it’s stopped at the “drawbridge” light just inside the tunnel, which would mean it’s headed south.

  3. I’ve ‘bonked’ my head too many times to count riding these buses…

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