Advertising Information


Seattle Transit Blog reaches nearly 50,000 people each month. Our well-educated, engaged audience consists of transit & land use enthusiasts, urban planners, and Seattle neighborhood readers.  Download our media kit to learn more.


Seattle Transit Blog offers three ad sizes:

  • 728×90 on desktop and large tablet displays
  • 320×50 leaderboard for mobile
  • 160×240 sidebar

We support all major ad formats (GIF, PNG, SWF, JPG).

We typically run campaigns with the cost-per-thousand (CPM) model. Advertisers can choose an amount of visits before-hand for a fixed-cost campaign or let the ads run for specific length of time. Rates are available upon request.

Activism & Political Discount

Since we pride ourselves on serving the community at large, we offer discounted rates to advertisers associated with some political campaigns and websites or local activism issues. Contact us for more information.


Contact for more information.