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Seattle Transit Blog is 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that covers transit news for the the greater Seattle area. The blog also focuses on density and the urban form, and other forms of alternative transportation like bicycling and walking. Below is an introduction to everyone who’s ever had a byline at Seattle Transit Blog.

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Current Staff

Martin H. Duke

Martin H. Duke

Editor-in-chief Martin H. Duke joined the blog in Fall 2007 when he felt he needed a bigger platform to advocate for Prop 1.  He grew up outside DC, attended college near Boston, spent six months in Lawton, OK, and finally moved to the Puget Sound in 1997.  He is a software engineer working on network equipment.

Locally, he has lived in Lakewood, Belltown, Kirkland, Edmonds, and now lives near the Columbia City Station. He has worked at Ft. Lewis, the U-District, Redmond, Kent, Renton, Bellevue, Tukwila, and now Lower Queen Anne.

Commute: Link + 24 or 33.

Associate Editor Matthew Johnson grew up in rural South Alabama. What began as an interest in city life and public transit piqued by visits to DC, Philly, NYC and Boston turned into a passion during a summer spent living and studying (and carless! A death sentence even in a ‘big’ city like Mobile!) in Heidelberg, Germany. He has lived off and on in the Seattle area since early 2007, finally settling down in Columbia City in April of 2012. Active in transportation issues, he is a cofounder of Seattle Subway. Starting off as commenter in the Spring of 2009 Matthew joined the staff in early 2013.

Commute: Link and the 140

Key Routes: Link, 50, 7, 9, and 8.

Contributor Bruce Nourish  grew up in rural England and suburban Phoenix, before discovering his love for cities and mass transit during two weekend visits to Portland and Seattle. His degree is in Physics, and he works as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google. Bruce’s posts focus on publishing and visualizing King County Metro’s data in order to discuss and advocate restructures of Seattle’s bus network to be more efficient, cost-effective and reliable. Bruce lives without a car in Ballard. He joined the blog in Summer 2011.

Commute: Bike or bus from Ballard to Fremont.

Key Routes: 2, 7, 10, 13, 15, 16, 49, 70, Link.

Contributor (and founder) Andrew M. Smith started the blog in April 2007, after he moved back to Seattle and discovered there was a campaign for light rail that year. Andrew grew up in Scotland, Capitol Hill and Wallingford, and has lived in Tokyo, where he discovered his love for transit and walkability, and San Francisco.

Andrew stepped down from the blog in May 2009 but returned in February 2011.

Adam B. Parast

Adam B. Parast

Contributor Adam B. Parast began writing for the blog in February 2009. He will hold a Masters in Transportation Engineering from the UW pending submission and acceptance of his research paper. He also holds a BS in Civil Engineering and a BA in Community, Environment, and Planning both from the UW. During the 2009-2010 academic year he studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden doing research on transit information.

Adam currently works for the Transpo Group in Kirkland doing non-motorized transportation planning. Former work experience includes ITS design and TMC operations at WSDOT. He currently lives on Capitol Hill, formerly living in Fremont, U District, Kirkland and Factoria.

Adam is the principal voice on STB’s twitter feed, and was a blog editor through the end of 2012.

Commute: 255, most other trips are walking or biking

Oran Viriyincy

Contributor Oran Viriyincy frequently contributes photos, video, and transit maps for the blog. He grew up in Wallingford riding the 44 and 16 and enjoyed collecting bus timetables before spending 10 years in Bangkok, where he enjoyed its chaotic vibrancy, but was frustrated with its massive gridlock and poorly-run transit system. He holds a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the UW.

Oran currently works for CHK America, producing maps and passenger information solutions for numerous transit agencies across the United States, including LA and DC. He has been living car free in downtown Santa Barbara, California since April 2012. Prior to that, he lived in Kingsgate and was a regular rider of the 255. Previous work experience include traffic operations and safety at the City of Seattle and King County. He joined the blog in November 2008.

Zach Shaner

Contributor Zach Shaner began writing for the blog in July 2010.  Zach has a master’s degree in Environmental Research, and an undergraduate degree in History and Philosophy. He is currently Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Commute Seattle. Zach has also worked on transit outreach projects for the City of Tukwila and Pierce Transit. After chasing various academic pursuits in 7 states and 3 countries, he settled in Seattle in 2009, living in Capitol Hill, Madrona, and now in the Central District. See Zach on twitter (@zachshan) or on LinkedIn.

Commute: Bike whenever possible. 3, 8, or Car2Go in a pinch.

Contributor Frank Chiachiere works in technology. He came of age riding transit in New York City and Philadelphia, and has lived in Seattle for over a decade.

Commute: 2, 3, or 4. Whichever comes first.

Brent White is a dispatcher at a private transportation provider in Seattle. He joined the staff in July 2013 after submitting a series of guest posts.

David Lawson is an attorney who lives in Lake City and works in downtown Seattle. He drove for King County Metro from 2000 to 2005, and loved the job. His regular commute is on the 522 or the 41, and he can also be found regularly on the 10, 72, 75, and Link. He joined the blog in summer 2013.

Past Staff

Ben Sc

Ben Schiendelman

Former Editor Ben Schiendelman joined in 2007 to better consolidate news and information about our upcoming transit expansions, and to build a better base to further grow our system. His blog Higher Frequency merged with STB early on, he has worked on multiple transit and environmental campaigns, and he founded Seattle Subway. Ben left to focus on urbanism-related projects in 2014.

Sherwin Lee

Former Editor Sherwin Lee joined the blog in the Fall of 2009 after a brief stint writing independently as a community blogger with the Seattle P-I. He graduated with honors from the University of Washington in 2012 and is currently consulting in various transit, housing, and civic projects. Sherwin has long been passionate about transit, having used to draw fantasy subway maps and take downtown tunnel buses with his grandmother.

Aside from his involvement in transit and planning, he also directs the Sunday youth ministry at his church, plays and writes music, and is a cultural diversity blogger and advocate for immigrants and ethnic groups. Sherwin has other wonky interests like ancient history, architecture and construction, graphics design, aviation, theology, politics, and music theory. He left the blog when he moved to the Chicago area at the end of 2013.

John Jensen

John Jensen

Associate Editor John Jensen began contributing to the blog in 2008 in the run-up to the 2008 Prop. 1 transit package, and worked with Ben on the Mass Transit Now campaign. He grew up in the sprawl of Orange County, California before moving to the Puget Sound in 2003. John lived in Redmond and Bellevue for four years before moving to Capitol Hill, where he now resides. He stepped down from the blog in late 2011.

John is a Software Engineer for a video game company in Pioneer Square. His greatest interest is walkable urban areas and trying to figure how to apply those walkable models to suburbia.


Brian Bundridge

Brian Bundridge lives in Kent. He is particularly interested in heavy rail and the technical aspects of rail operations, and volunteers on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in his spare time as a conductor or engineer. He also is a very active semi-professional photographer and contributed those talents to the blog.

Brian originally ran his own Washington State Transportation blog, which was eventually merged with STB. His first stint ended in June 2010, and another in 2012-13.

Roger Valdez

Contributor Roger Valdez is a Seattle researcher and writer with a concentration on density and land use. Roger is one of those people that believe that density—lots of people living together in a small space—solves a lot of problems all by itself. He wrote extensively about land use for STB from 2011 to 2013.

He has a checkered academic past with degrees in philosophy and religious studies, and he spent most of the last two decades working on policy and politics in Olympia and at Seattle City Hall as a legislative staffer, lobbyist, writer, and sometimes campaign manager. He currently works at a local non-profit with a diverse portfolio including human resources, housing, and records and property management.

Contributor Matt Gangemi  is a mechanical engineer.  Concern about global warming and other environmental issues led to an interest in density and urban design which further led to an interest in transit.  His love for cities grew from the large portion of his life spent in the suburbs.  He enjoys world travel, and offsets his carbon impact by being a vegetarian.

He came to STB from Orphan Road and stepped down in 2013.

Garrett James Black was STB’s first intern in summer 2013. He is a University of Washington student completing a degree in biochemistry and economics, and wrote about transit issues for the Daily at the University of Washington for nearly two years.

Contributor Nick Lecarjegui was the first blogger to join Andrew at STB.  He lives in Magnolia and works in South Lake Union.

Contributor Eric Butler lives on Capitol Hill and focused on video contributions to the blog. He contributed from 2008 to 2010.

Contributor Gordon Werner lives in the Queen Anne neighborhood. His short-lived 2007 blog on airline operations at Seatac is integrated with the STB archives. He was also a contributor in mid-2010.

Guest Contributors

We frequently accept guest contributions by authors from all walks of life that meet our editorial standards.  Well-known and/or expert figures like Seattle Mayors Greg Nickels, Mike McGinn, and Ed Murray, State Representative and Congressional Candidate Marko Liias, Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw, Tim Burgess, Richard Conlin, and Tom Rasmussen, Seattle Mayoral candidate and former Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck, Seattle City Council Candidate Brad Meacham, Bellevue City Councilmember John Chelminiak, Metro General Manager Kevin Desmond,  Metro Director of Service Development Victor Obeso, former State Transportation Commissioner Virginia Gunby, onebusaway developers Brian Ferris and Caitlin Bonnar, Seattle Transit Riders Union organizer Katie Wilson, Rainier Valley Post editor Amber Campbell, the board of nonprofit organization Seattle Subway, and Transportation Choices Coalition Policy Associate Andrew Austin have written pieces here.

There are also guest pieces by private citizens Tim Bond, Ben Broesamle, Aleks Bromfield, Alex Broner, Charles Cooper, CAHSR Blog founder Robert Cruickshank, Ann Dasch, Joan Devraun, Al Dimond, former Metro driver Mark Dublin, Eric Feiveson, Stephen Fesler, Matt Fewins, Kevin Futhey, Jeff Hammerquist, Bernie Hayden, Chris Karnes, Dan Kostelec, Joe Kunzler, Matt Loar, Chad Newton, Mike Orr, Guy Palumbo, Kyle Rowe, David Seater, Mike Skehan, Sarah Snider, Renee Staton, John Stewart, Carl Stork, Steve “Fnarf” Thornton, Jack Valko, Jake Vanderplas, Kate Whiting, Jonathon Morrison Winters, and Ben Woosley.

People interested in writing for the blog can save wasted effort by reading our guest post guidelines.

Background photo by Dave Honan