I reserve the phrase “The City” for Seattle, since I’m a Bay Area guy, and that’s the terminology down there for San Francisco. But uses it differently in this article about a new transit center in Mountlake Terrace. Apparently the transit center will be in the middle of I-5, with a pedestrian bridge toward a park and ride built in the 2009 timeframe. It looks cool, and includes a 880-space garage that will double park-and-ride capacity. I am all for the median bus lane, but doesn’t that mean these buses will have to merge left toward the median for Mountlake Terrace and then back right for the other stops which are on the left-side near exits? I wonder who thought that scheme up…

Apologies I wrote this post last week but clicked “Save as Draft” rather than publish.

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  1. I wonder if this will be converted into a light rail station in the future. ST has plans to expand the line along I-5 into Mountlake Terrace

  2. Daimajin, the Mountlake Terrace project is a combination of work by Community Transit and Sound Transit. Community Transit is building the four-story parking garage that will increase the site’s capacity to about 880 cars. Sound Transit is building the median station. The median station will be used by Community Transit and Sound Transit for commuter and regional service between Mountlake Terrace and Seattle, and will allow buses quick access to and from the HOV lane. This stop will be somewhat like the HOV access ramps at the Lynnwood Transit Center and the Ash Way Park & Ride. The big difference is that at Mountlake Terrace, pedestrians will use an overpass to reach the station, while at Lynnwood and Ash Way the buses use ramps to take passengers to or from the station, with direct access to the HOV lanes.
    As far as the stops question, Community Transit buses using I-5 do not make frequent stops. The next Community Transit stop southbound will be in the University District or downtown Seattle and Sound Transit’s next stop will be at 145th, about 70 block away. The next northbound stop for both agencies is the Lynnwood Transit Center, which also has a left-side exit.

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