This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

The Washington Policy Center’s Michael Ennis is cited by the P-I as a critic of the upcoming RTID package.

Isn’t it strange that the P-I would have someone write an op-ed dissing transit, and then, just days later, cite him as the only source in an article complaining about the cost of the package? I’m all but certain the P-I will end up endorsing the RTID, so I don’t want to accuse them of an anti-RTID agenda, but what’s up with the all-Ennis-all-the-time thing?

Anyway, Ennis complains about the “burden” on families of a $286 tax. To put that in perspective, the Iraq War (which Ennis’ comrades at the Heritage Foundation strongly advocated for) is costing families somewhere between $4,100 and $20,000 per household.

P.S.: Carless in Seattle has more on Ennis’ op-ed and the real cost of freeway expansion.