Seattle isn’t the only city struggling with growth and transportation neglect. Carlotte NC, is a rapidly-growing city, 3rd in the nation in finance after New York and Chicago and they are having growing pains similar to Seattle. And some want light rail (called CATS), and others who really don’t. They have their own half-cent tax (hey, that sounds familiar!), and their own transit vote this fall. That last piece talks about other issues involved in CATS and I won’t bore you with the details but it’s nice to see that we aren’t the only ones participating in this sort of struggle. Well, nice and not-so-nice, since we are competing with them for federal transit dollars.

3 Replies to “Other City’s Stories: Charlotte’s Quest for Light Rail”

  1. Interesting. I would think Seattle may hold up stronger against NC in competing for dollars from the feds, although they have thrown me for a loop with some of their decisions before. Weird. That is another topic though. I see their system starts up this year that is good for them. Hopefully it will be successful, just by looking at their site, it seems as though they don’t have extensive bus service, but I can’t really tell by looking at the map. Maybe they do. I look forward to Seattle getting their light rail started. I see downtown they have the big posters into the tunnel down near westlake, so you can see the beautification taking place. Exciting.

  2. Seattle will likely get the dollars because transit use is already high, so the government will think its worth the investment,.

  3. I hate that our federal system makes it become a competition for dollars. We should be supporting transit in other cities because things like global warming and auto dependence are not local issues. I grew up in Charlotte and the bus system there was limited. In the past few years Charlotte has really tried to increase density in downtown and in other areas so I really hope light rail can be a springboard to better transit. Unfortunately many people are too short-sighted to see that if we don’t fund transit now it will just be more and more expensive to do so when congestion and air pollution become unbearable.

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