This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

You may know Gen. Barry McCaffrey for his role as the nation’s “Drug Czar” during the Clinton Years, or perhaps as an NBC military analyst more recently. So, what, pray tell, is he doing authoring an op-ed for the Seattle Times on the need for infrastructure investment?

It’s all a little less shocking when you read his bio at the bottom, which notes that he’s now the chairman of HNTB Federal Services an engineering and architecture firm that specializes in — wait for it — designing and building transportation systems! (He also “maintains a residence in Seattle.”)

The editorial itself is broadly pro-RTID and pro-ST2, though it does lob a few questions out there about public-private partnerships and a surface solution to the viaduct. But barring that, it seems like we can count the former drug Czar as a “yes” vote for the fall ballot.