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  1. I am definitely feelin’ that!! They look sleek and very nice. I kinda feel like a kid in a candy store, except that I didn’t get to go see it where and whenever it was available to look at. Ahh, alas 2009 is coming. I have the streetcar to hold me over.

  2. that seat material doesn’t look too sturdy. hope it holds up.

    not intending to be a spoilsport, though–i’m very excited for light rail!

  3. The seat structures are metal, and the material feels about the same sturdiness as the normal Sound Transit bus seat material. It’s not as if they didn’t pick from materials meant for public transit use…

  4. You should see the upholstery they use in Europe. Lots of bright squiggles, guaranteed to make drunken soccer fans ralph and pass out in the swivelly-section of the train.

    I’m more concerned that the thing actually gets finished and actually finds its way across the danged lake than the mundane American fabric choices.

  5. I like it, but it would be even more exciting if it were packed to the gills with former car commuters!

  6. anonymous – it will be filled with former car commuters, in July 2009 (although really starting after the airport extension is open).

    larryb – get out there and get every person you know to vote for it, or you won’t see it cross the lake.

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