I-5 will have intense construction from August 10th to August 19th through Lynnwood, Shoreline and Seattle. Be prepared! Metro has plans to keep people moving through the construction, and I hope those people who take the bus decide to keep taking it.

3 Replies to “I-5 Closures”

  1. I’m due to have a baby during that time and this will cause totally chaos not only to get me to the hospital at swedish from west seattle but for my family to come help me as they are all on the eastside and will have to come to west seattle! This is really horrible!

  2. There are a significant amount of babies born on I-5 you hear about them all the time on King 5! Although I hope that doesn’t happen to you!

  3. anonymous: Well then, vote for ST2 and help build mass transit to West Seattle. No driving on those freeways would be necessary then. :)

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