This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

You know, when I first saw the plans for the Tukwila Station, I thought it was a little overblown. After all, it’s only going to be the end of the line for about 6 months until the Airport Link opens. After that, what’s the purpose of having such an extensive station?

But, of course, there is a purpose. It’s the only station in the line that’s designed as a park-and-ride:

This is the line’s only planned park-and-ride station, with 600 spaces, plus lanes for buses, shuttle vans, and “kiss-and-ride” users dropped off there. Unlike most other stations, which are designed to encourage walk-up use, the Tukwila Station could lure motorists off the highways.

To be sure, the 2,600 daily boardings dwarfs the 14,000 daily boardings projected for Capitol Hill. It seems like it would be better for a park-and-ride station to be right off of I-5 instead of International Blvd. But I guess that’s where it’s got to be.