Buses stay left.

Photo by Chris

The Sierra Club seems to have sold out for a bag of Eastside Real Estate money.

At the Urban Environmentalist Ezra Basom has put forward for an argument for Prop 1.

According to the latest Elway poll, the public still strongly favors Prop 1, even though both local papers insist on using wildly misleading numbers such as the $47 billion number in the article. The real cost in present time money is about $18 billion.

The Yes campaign has tried to copy Ben and has put together a project map. Their map includes roads projects, but Ben’s has photos and includes what is already built.

The Transit Tunnel’s opening has gone smoothly.

Any of you guys taking the Tunnel? The 545 doesn’t go in there, so I won’t get a chance to go until Friday when I make my way up to the U-District on one of the 70’s.

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  1. I got a chance after work today to check out the tunnel and get a dry run of scoping my bus location for Wednesday when I fly out of Seattle. I hopped on one bus and rode through the whole thing, I was pretty impressed overall. I really think the whole mirror knocking people out was a little overdone, however, they remedied the situation well with the strobe lights! It moved fast, however I don’t like that they single file through. It still is however faster. I don’t know what happens when one bus fails? I didn’t see any passing. When light rail gets ready to start, I am betting they will pull some routes out? I took some pics too! We’ll see how they turn out. I noticed today that my 4th ave routes are much faster than normal. I also missed my transfer buses twice today. It will take some getting used to!

  2. Yo, actually, yes, I took the 550 yesterday to see how it worked. Actually, they had a problem with red stop lights not changing to green when the buses approached, but I hear it’s been worked out today!

  3. Excuse me, but the http://www.nortid site you link to says that the Sierra Club supports transit and opposes roads. By what stretch of the imagination does this imply that the Sierra Club is taking money from the Eastside? It appears that the Sierra Club is concerned about global warming. Aren’t you?

  4. On the first day it opened, I rode back and forth, and was surprised by the service frequency through the tunnel. I hadn’t had a chance to ride it before it closed, so this was an entirely new experience for me. I even was interviewed by KIRO while walking from one bay to the next.

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