This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

Part of Ron Sims’ proposed King County budget would include a 25-cent hike in bus fares, presumably bringing prices to $1.50 for an off-peak trip and $1.75 at peak times. That seems reasonable to me. Transit fares in many cities are at or above $2, so Metro is still a relative bargain.

His levy on homes to support a passenger ferry service is a bit…odd… and a .1% sales tax increase to fund drug treatment is just wacky. I mean, doesn’t anything get paid for out of general operating funds anymore?

In yet more wackiness, Sims argues that his proposals would cost “a lot less” than Proposition 1. Well yeah, but it also does a lot less. MUCH less. Ferries are not interchangeable with light rail. And how exactly does a drug treatment center improve transit?