So George Bush put in some post-9/11 baggage conveyor requirements. Well Sea-Tac’s implementation is now more than $90 million over budget on what was supposed to be a $139 million dollar project.

The cost of the light rail station at Sea-Tac? $95 million. I know, apples and oranges but my point is just that transit is a lot cheaper than the rest of the crap the government spends money on.

2 Replies to “Conveyor belts costs more than Light Rail station at Sea-tac”

  1. Dare I say that is typical of them? I saw this article too, which SeaTac is already problematic with the runway costs, the remodeling costs. Uggh!

  2. I actually think it’s not especially telling of anything. Big projects are hard, and expensive. Things go wrong. I’m sure there were many mistakes made, but people are human, doing their best.

    I can’t imagine installing a conveyor belt system under my house, and certainly not in an airline terminal when it is in constant operation.

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