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Thus sayeth the P-I:

A team of engineers has been asked to determine in the next month whether that kind of tunnel technology could be used to replace the Seattle segment of the state Route 520 corridor — to the delight of many.

I mean, I appreciate the thoroughness of the investigation, but, but… a tunnel? Lake Washington is 200 ft in the middle, are you really gonna bore under it? Don’t get me wrong, I watch Modern Marvels, I love that crazy engineering stuff, but, but… a tunnel?!

Apparently it could also be an immersed tube design, where you build pre-fab tubes and sink them (as opposed to tunneling under rock). I imagine that gets tricky with an uneven lake bed. Anyway… it’s an interesting development.

Update: Via madisonian in the comments and KUOW this morning, I realized that they’re just talking about sinking the West end of the span, around Husky Stadium, NOT the entire bridge.

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