The PI floats the idea today. My two cents: sound expensive.

At least the tunnel could support light rail easily, as long as they are digging down there at the bottom of the lake, might as well lay some tracks.

4 Replies to “Tunnel for 520?”

  1. Yeah and let’s build a fucking bridge in alaska while we’re at it.

    tunnels are a waste of money.
    transit is a waste of money.

  2. Transit is a waste of money? What about all these roads? They don’t turn a profit. The transit that preceded them did.

  3. Everything’s a waste of money! Let’s not build anything!

    Sarcasm aside, WSDOT already looked into building a 520 tunnel several years ago and it was too expensive. The relevant summary document can be found by a Google search, but you have to mail them and ask for the detailed study, which they claim is too big to post online.

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