Stefan Sharkansky thinks the fact that the 194 is just as fast a Portland’s Max is some proof that buses are better than Light Rail. I just took the 194: I waited 15 minutes for the bus, which took 30 minutes to get Downtown, then waited 10 minutes for the 14, which took 15 minutes to get here. When University Link is finished, it’ll be a straight shot from the airport to the Broadway station where I’ll walk to my house.

The 14 does get me closer, about one block instead of five, but if the bus takes an hour and five minutes on a Sunday night, I’d happily walk.

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  1. I never understand why we can’t have a bus with just two stops- one downtown and the one at the airport. If buses emulated light rail it might work more like it.

  2. ryan, you can’t have just one stop downtown, because not every other bus goes to that stop. By stopping several times downtown, you collect everyone from other buses (and people coming from several places in downtown).

    The 194 doesn’t stop between Holgate or so and the airport.

  3. Actually, the 194 stops at (when in the tunnel) Convention Center, Westlake, University, Pioneer, International District, Royal Brougham, Holgate, Lander, and Spokane Street then direct to Sea-Tac Airport.

    Central Link will use all of those stops except Spokane Street and go through the Beacon Hill Tunnel to Mt. Baker Station, Alaska Station, (think I am missing one between these stops) Othello Station, Henderson Station, Tukwila Intl. Blvd Station and then Sea-Tac Airport.

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