This chart is far more eloquent than any 2,000 words about buses vs. rail.

Trips requiring a transfer are in red. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Vote Yes on Prop. 1. It’s the best we’ve got, and ST2 is a good system.

4 Replies to “Yes on Prop. 1, Part Two”

  1. What’s the source? Like most blogs, you haven’t cited any sources for these grandiose statements.

    I mean, 100 minutes? Why not 80 minutes? Why not 50 minutes?

  2. Jason… that’s from a Sound Transit document. So, why 100 minutes? Because that’s what all that planning that’s been taking place over the last few years is designing for. You can, in fact, speak with the agency about this. :)

  3. TacomaDome to Redmond in under 2 hours! Have fun beating that time with the buses.

    50 minutes from FWTC to IDS is a little disappointing, but if you throw in traffic delays and bus wait times, it’s comparable to what the commuter express buses currently do. And they only run one way in the mornings and late afternoons.

  4. romulus – 50 minutes for that trip is faster than a car can do it during commute times today. I saw 75 minutes for that trip (reverse) last week.

    Also, if we build the thing, we’ll generate all this support for a faster line later. This is just light rail – we’re starting from scratch. The French started here, and now they have TGV in corridors like ours.

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