After many comments and more digging, and a revised webpage by Metro, here’s what I think we know:

  • The streetcar cannot return until the trolley barn is rebuilt, which is probably about mid-2009.
  • Whether it opens or not at that time will depend largely on the fate of the Alaskan Way viaduct. If they’re going to have to shut the thing down anyway for construction in 2010, it makes little sense to run it for a few months.

Sorry for all the confusion.

One Reply to “Waterfront Streetcar, Take 2”

  1. Why was the “art park” allowed to open until the streetcar situation was solved is way beyond me. I refuse to have anything to do with SAM until the streetcar rolls again.
    Question 2 — Why not extend the SLUT down the left hand of the Second and Fourth couplet and connect with the Waterfront street car and share the SLUT’s car barn — yes some changes to he SLUT’s OCS would be necessary bu presto — a downtown circulator, a home for the Waterfront cars and more SLUTs on the street.

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