This year for Thanksgiving could be a first for the Puget Sound region – It won’t be raining and low chance of fog! This will mean minimal flight delays in and out of Sea-Tac Airport. Typically during the holiday season, Sea-Tac Airport is overflowing with people leaving and departing the Puget Sound region but flight delays has always been a huge issue because of heavy, dense fog, hard rain, windy, and just about every other year, power would go out thanks to these elements. The 3rd runway will be open about this time next year which will allow the use of 2 runways landing and departing without interruption. This will be a welcome site to all when it goes open. I’m not sure how things will be setup for landing and departures but I’m sure it will speed things up along nicely.

The other good tidbit is that the initial road work construction at Sea-Tac Airport, including the new loop should be completed by this point as well. The new roadway, which was needed for Sound Transit’s Central Link Light-Rail system will speed up getting into and out of the airport and the improvements on SR-518 will be a welcomed addition.

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  1. Just a comment regarding the airport recirc ramp. I was informed (by Sound Transit) that it is scheduled for completion in February.

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