Orphan road has been running a great series of posts about Eastside rail.

Make sure to read them.

Carless in Seattle has a fancy map that fits density over the bnsf line that shows what Ben and I have been trying to say, that the line is very far from employment centers.

2 Replies to “Eastside Rail”

  1. There’s light rail, and then there is light rail that people will find useful and use. The BNSF line would be questionably suitable in that regard.

  2. Now, come on, you should know better than this as transit advocates… You don’t necessarily build transit where people are, but where they’re going to be. There’s quite a bit of residential development going on near the north end of the line, and better planning could focus more residential and business along the line in the future. It’s no different than the changes that will happen to buildings which currently put their backs to the Viaduct. Take that down, and redevelopment will turn the focus around.

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