According to the P-I, Nickels wants to give all 10,000 city employees transit passes (the $54 one-zone kind) by 2009, and start by subsidizing passes by $30 next year. The City now gives $15 per month to all employees.

It shows that Nickels doesn’t just talk when it comes to promoting transit. The article has this great quote from Sightline spokeswoman Elisa Murray:

It’s healthier and it’s safer: taking the bus is more than 10 times safer than driving a car” — which results in a fitter working environment, fewer accidents, fewer lost work days and increased employee productivity, Murray said.

4 Replies to “Mayor wants all City employees on transit by 2009”

  1. It’s a really good idea. In New York City all city employees actually get free parking in a Manhattan parking garage. How’s that for perverse incentives?!

  2. It is a great idea. I like that Nickels is putting his words to action and not just blowing political air. I hope this is also incentive for Metro to step up to the plate and increase service. I know many people don’t like to wait for a bus that comes 30 minutes at best. This is what a good politician does, he promotes transit. A bad politician talks the talk but then completely does a 180 when it comes to action…not to mention any names !S!i!m!s!

  3. I think he should be taking transit himself to and from work if he wants to set an example for city employees. While giving free bus passes is a good first step, he should be willing to walk the walk and not just say “everyone else take it except me”.

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