Metro is thinking about messing with Route 17 to divert some buses out towards Golden Gardens Park via Seaview Ave.

They’re holding public meetings, soliciting public comments, etc., if you’re interested.

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  1. sounds like a lose-lose to me – i’d bet 17 loses ridership – nobody wants to ride a bus with 60 minute headways – 30 minutes are barely tolerable enough. if they want to serve both places, add service as opposed to robbing peter to pay paul

  2. Nope. If you read the actual proposal, route 17 service past 32nd & Market remains unchanged. During non-peak hours, the route will alternate between continuing up 32nd and continuing towards Golden Gardens.

    The 18 runs down 24th anyway, so it’s not a huge inconvenience for people who live along 32nd and take the 17 in the middle of the day (not many people).

    Shilshole, though, includes lots of senior citizens, who currently only get the route 46, which runs like 4 times a day.

  3. Good point joykiller.

    In addition to what you say, it also is kind of ridiculous that Golden Gardens, a great park with a popular beach, is only accessible by transit from the top of the hill at the route 48 terminal or by taking the 17 to 32nd and 85th. (Or via route 46, which is not aimed at anyone but commuters.)

    To get to the beach people have to climb down a path which is at least a quarter of a mile and then climb back up to catch the bus home.

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