This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

State Sen. Cheryl Pflug has a rather incoherent and semi-unhinged rant the the Seattle Times arguing for … well, it’s not exactly clear. She’s mad at the Governor for a bunch of stuff, the Democratic majority, too.

While I grant that the Ferry system has a lot to answer for, her argument really runs off the rails when it turns to a new 520 bridge:

Now the governor wants to take money from the viaduct and give it to 520. She wants to build a smaller version of the bridge — six lanes rather than the eight we really need. Her hurry-up plan will not relieve congestion or provide for future transit options.

Worse, in 2008, the governor and majority will propose to fund the 520 floating bridge through tolls — penalizing people for driving cars. They point to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as an example that has worked well. The public knows better.

With the Narrows Bridge, drivers do not have alternative routes. There are many alternatives to driving over 520. Some say regional tolling is a way to avoid the congestion caused by drivers trying to avoid toll roads. But regional tolling brings other problems.

Sure, there are alternatives to 520. Like I-90. Which is exactly why the Gov proposed tolling that, too. And I’m sorry, but the line “penalizing people for driving cars” has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. What, does Sen. Pflug really think that the State should be rewarding people for driving? “Sweet ride, here’s a check!” Sorry Senator, but even eight lanes across 520 won’t be enough to handle the demand caused by that policy.

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