Here are the pictures of the interior of the Amtrak Cascades “Mt. Rainier” train set, thanks to Chris Fussell of Portland, Oregon for allowing me to use them!

Notice the removal of the curtains – Coach class has tan leather seats

Improved Walkway lighting, along with new walls that are easier to clean. Each seat now has 110v outlets while the prior setup did not.

Updated A/V panel and the new lever to recline the seats. The seats recline like Airline seats. You no longer have to do the butt squeeze and wiggle to get them to move.

That’s all for now. The Mt. Olympus trainset is awaiting to be picked up from BNSF who will take the trainset CEECo in Tacoma who will do work on plumbing and other piping modifications. Once the work is completed there, Union Pacific will pick up the train and take it to the Southcenter/Kent Industrial Park for it’s refurbishment.

Give or take a few months, the Olympus will be back in service.

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  1. What a scoop, Brian! That’s fantastic! You just got the drop on all the local media.

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