The Times today talks about TOD in the Rainier valley caused by anticipation of Central Link opening next year. There’s a little widget to show what exactly is going in.

Mike Hlastala has seen the future. And it runs on rails.
His year-old company plans to build more than 700 apartments and 40,000 square feet of shops a few steps from Sound Transit’s Othello Street light-rail station on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

A trip from Othello to Pioneer Square should take just 17 minutes when trains start running next year. Hlastala figures lots of downtown workers — tired of traffic, $4 gas and $300-a-month parking — will be interested in apartments like his.

Exactly. The number of units is astounding, “more than 1,500 condo and apartment units within a 10-minute walk of a rail station” by private developers and a large number more places like New Holly built with Housing Authority funds and right next to Othello Station. The image above is a rendering of one of two private developments built on the other side of MLK from New Holly.

There is a risk that the new residents will push out the current, diverse, relatively low-income residents of the valley. Though I guess this is a problem throughout the city from South Park to Jackson Park.

5 Replies to “TOD in the Rainer Valley on Central Link”

  1. Housing is getting expensive throughout the region. The construction is going to put ever more pressure on our transportation systems.

  2. The interesting quote is this:

    Buildings now are capped at 65 feet, tops. “I think it ought to be as high as Belltown,” where towers reach 125 feet and higher, McIver says.

    I’m all for taller building heights, I want all the multi-family zoning that tall.

  3. Now if only they would build 3 brd places and a family may actually be able to live there. I love density but these really exclude families and push them to the ‘burbs.

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