Only in Prague where you can lease a tram (Streetcar for us U.S. folks) wire it up with lights, DJ’s and 2 wet bars with some music… Call it TRAMix…

What are the chances of something like this happening in the States – Slim to none but talk about a fun way of getting around town.

Note:: I posted this to aim at the younger gen readers that are on this blog and may read it. Myself probably being the youngest on this blog would love to see something like this. Sure we have the Party bus but really, it’s just a bus =P

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  1. In Geneva, Switzerland I remember seeing a dinner tram that you could make reservations on. Never went on it but it was an interesting concept.

  2. Didn’t the Monorail authority want to do this also, with a special “party” train reserved for this role?

  3. It used to be possible – and might still be – to hire out the Monorail for private events. John Stamets, the photographer who took the famous photos of Husky Stadium collapsing, did just that so that he could get architectural shots of the EMP while it was under construction. Apparently he threw a party and charged a small cover to help cover costs of the event…

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