The City of Stanwood has started construction on the new Stanwood station platform which is slated to open in June 2009. This platform will serve North and South bound passengers to Vancouver, BC, Everett, Wa and Seattle, Wa.

The platform was originally scheduled to open in the Summer of 2008 but due to issues with platform height and extending the siding at Stanwood to allow freight trains to pass trains that are doing station stops and a slight relocation of a grade crossing.

More information is available from the Everett Herald and WSDOT.

One Reply to “Stanwood to join Amtrak Cascades”

  1. That’s great! Stanwood is where I blew out my knee cycling two years ago, and I ended up riding on a bum knee to Mt. Vernon to take Cascades home. Having been able to board in Stanwood would have saved me a fair amount of physical therapy.

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