The first Prop. 1 debate was Tuesday in Bellevue. Both the P-I and the Times wrote about the debate. I don’t really have much to add, just that it’s interesting to contrast the coverage from the P-I with that from the Times.

Did anyone go?

The P-I notes when the next two debates are:

At least two more debates between the two sides are scheduled: Oct. 9 before the Seattle P-I’s editorial board and Oct. 16 at CityClub in Seattle.

5 Replies to “Prop 1 Debate”

  1. It wasn’t closed to outsiders if you had cash, at least that’s my understanding. It was $35 to get in according to the website. As much as I would’ve liked to have seen the debate, I just don’t have that kind of money to throw down for 90 minutes of transit talk.

  2. Here was my favorite Nickels nugget from the Larry Lange piece:

    Nice. Now, we just need to stop letting the anti-transitites pull us into a “congestion-relief” discussion. The congestion relief comes to those who quit driving. Which, by the way, is predicted to be 340,000 people if this passes.

    With numbers like that, it does its job whether life improves for SOVs or not.

  3. eh, whoops. HERE is the way Nickels talks about it:

    He said the expanded Sound Transit system would connect to 70 percent of the three-county population and 85 percent of businesses and workplaces.

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