Sound Transit’s latest photo of the week is the first I had heard of this project. It looks amazing.

Earlier this week, the recently installed artwork on the Link light rail elevated guideway over the Duwamish River was turned on. The artwork is a series of steel “ribs” that include clear plastic tubes filled with blue LEDs (light-emitting-diode) lights. The lights will turn on just before a light rail train crosses the Duwamish, and turn off soon after it passes. The Blue Duwamish artists are Dan Corson and Norie Sato. (photo by Dan Corson)

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    1. Actually, it wouldn’t have… He was trying to take away public art spending from highways. Problem? There is no public art spending on highways. I-985 was ridiculous. I am very, very proud that the state soundly rejected it. People did their research!

  1. Better than the bench??? Not quite a troll?

    Congtats again on olight rail. I owe you a beer!

  2. Awesome. I find the inclusion of the arts greatly improves the general feeling of using this mode of transport and think the $ is well spent.

  3. Very cool art feature.

    Is ST regularly testing trains in the R. Valley/Tukwilla area? I haven’t heard any updates on their testing for several weeks.

    1. They are. I heard from Brian that on election day, they seemed to be regularly running over the I-5 crossing at full speed. ;)

  4. LRV testing is between 12pm and 3am between Tukwila and South 154th Street Station but of course, expect trains from any direction at any time of the day.

  5. I have been driving by this and wondered what it was — I think it’s very cool and quite pretty. Yea, art!

  6. This is awesome and made me wonder why the City of Seattle ever rejected the idea of adding millenium lights to Seattle’s other many bridges. Just seeing the cool effect of this Art project by ST makes me thankful that they have the 1% to spend on art projects and that they do so well with the funds – for the most part at least.

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