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  1. I definitely live a block away from Pine St right now. I have to wonder how Capitol Hill would look if we had that subway.

  2. Those are some terrific pics; I’m surprised that I’ve never seen these before. The one with the motorcyclists is probably my favorite…

  3. I’m amazed at how tight the clearances are in that subway drawing, especially from the roof of the car to the top of the tunnel. I guess that’s what a third rail gets you: no OCS. And again, only 3 feet from the top of the tunnel box to the road surface. New York subway is deeper than that isn’t it?

    1. The box is strong enough to drive on top. The 3 feet of earth is just the buffer it from freeze/thaw cycles, and allow some utility lines to cross back and forth.

    2. New York’s subway is deeper in parts, but for a great portion of the system, it is only this deep. Of course it is deeper when going under the river or other subway lines. Also, when stations have mezzanines the right of way is deeper as the tracks are two stories below street level. (Also, don’t forget all of the subway lines that are elevated in NYC!)

    3. Love the brick pavement. If they built that it would’ve gotten in the way of I-5 construction later on.

  4. thats a real subway too, with third rail, heavy rail cars and high platforms.

    anyone have a map of this proposed route or info on station locations?

  5. That is one cool Christmas present!!!

    I love the muni photo archives. I just wish they also kept a searchable database of historic homes. I would pay good money for a print of my house.

    1. Call up King County. They don’t have much online, but they’re the entity to call about house photos. The records of my house had three photos from different years – I have one from around the 40’s (just a guess) hanging on my wall.

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