Dave Reichert (wikipedia)
Dave Reichert (wikipedia)

I’ve never paid much attention to Dave Reichert and his battles with Darcy Burner, mostly because I’ve never lived in the 8th District, but also because in my state of partial attention I’ve always thought of him as a basically harmless moderate Republican.

Now that serious transit initiatives are afoot in Congress, however, we’re getting to see who the retrograde thinkers are.

Let the record show that in the past week Mr. Reichert voted in favor of a Republican amendment to the stimulus that would have cut virtually every spending category, while authorizing an 120% increase in highway spending.   Worse yet, he voted to strip Amtrak of $800 million in funding.

The rest of the Puget Sound delegation, all Democrats, helped to defeat these measures.

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    1. Money that would help speed up east link, since the state is dropping the ball here, would be very helpful to his district.

  1. Last I checked a few people in the 8th district emerge from their caves from time to time and travel amongst the Seattle metropolitan area so, striatic, I’m going to say that the 8th district would be well served by transit (and a functioning economy) in the Puget Sound area.

  2. Run left, govern right. That’s the way of the suburban Republican.

    If he had run as a GOP foot soldier, Reichert would have lost.

    Just to give you an idea how powerful the “get in line” GOP leadership can be: Reichert has been supporting transit and road infrastructure projects in a big way in recent years. As in, the mark-up, pork barrel method.

    But now that Reichert gets re-elected, he goes back into dinosaur GOP mode. It’s sad, really.

    1. Dave ALWAYS votes with the GOP house leadership when it counts. He’s allowed the odd vote on something sort of green (Wild Sky) when his vote doesn’t matter.

      If his district really knew how conservative he votes most of the time he wouldn’t get elected.

  3. I was a big fan of Darcy Burner so I already had a strong dislike of Dave Reichert. Additionally the 8th district is served by Transit and Seattle metro area goals. The 8th district isn’t Eastern WA.

  4. Anyone supported by Kemper Freeeman (even if only “modestly”) is no friend of ours. Follow the green…

  5. How is the 8th district served by transit? The tens of thousands of Microsofties clogging up SR 520, I-90 and I-405 twice a day aren’t reason enough for you? Getting those people out of their cars for their daily commute is a very do-able goal needed for regional sustainability.

    Not to mention making it more likely that people who shop at Westlake/Pacific Place will have an easy way to get to Bellevue Square and vice versa. There are so many reasons why transit will help that I’m just gonna stop right here before I kill STB’s bandwidth with the entire list.

    1. If you would check out the ridership of the ST 550 from Bellevue Transit Center, hang out at Eastgate Park and Ride from 730 AM to 900 AM, or ride the MT 218 or 214 you would realize there is tremendous demand for transit in the 8th Congressional District. If reality isn’t a problem for you, go see it.

  6. How is the 8th district served by transit?

    Bel-Red corridor (where I live and work) is served very well by transit. Rural King County (ie where Reichert gets his votes)? Not so much.

  7. I can see why Amtrak would not have a friend in Dave Reichert, unless Skykomish is in his district, but the train does not stop there, just passes through. Transit, well, there is the Bellevue Transit Center, the Eastgate Transit Center, and a few others in his district.

  8. After his behavior in downtown in 1999 during WTO, why is this “little Hitler” even allowed near a government-paid job?

    1. Unfortunately the voters of the 8th Congressional District keep re-electing him.

      Perhaps in 2010 he can finally be replaced. Rumor has it State Sen. Rodney Tom will likely be a candidate. People who know the district better than I do say he has a good chance to unseat Reichert. Tom is a bit of a DINO (he’s a former moderate Republican) but from my perspective at least he’ll make a much better Representative than “the Sheriff”.

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