This blog has a few pictures of the demoliton of the vacant buildings on the Capitol Hill staging grounds. All of the salvagable pieces of the interiors of these buildings have already been removed, so there’s no exciting hidden treasures being destroyed, and while it’s a little sad to see the buildings destroyed, I’m extremely excited about the construction finally beginning.


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  1. Hey Andrew – thanks for linking to my blog. It is too bad that more of the buildings aren’t being saved. I suppose they don’t have time to dismantle piece by piece, but other than pulling some metal out and potentially recycling some concrete, the workers there told me the whole thing was going to the dump. The house was built in 1904 and I suppose there is a lot of toxic stuff in there, but at the same time, it’s sad to see all that pristine wood going in the garbage! I hope this light rail gets up and running soon to make it all worth while.

    1. I agree it’s sad. The brick buildings on the south side of Olive St. (the one that housed Vivace) are beautiful as well. But what you do? every block around there has some historic buildings. The Block with Dicks might have been a better go, fewer historic buildings, but would have other problems with the alignment.

    2. It’s not really they ‘they’ don’t have time, they put those houses on the market for salvage, but nobody was particularly interested.

  2. my (now) wife used to live in the blue house on denny that was torn down – it was where she lived when we first met. our first date was at the kincora pub which was also torn down recently. we used to like to go to the teapot vegetarian restaurant on 15th (original location, not the new one) – that’s now a condo development with a dry cleaners and what looks to be perpetually empty ground-floor retail. unlike what became of the kincora and original teapot (and a few other places we used to go, etc.), at least the blue house is becoming a light rail station.

  3. Kind of sad to see the old brick buildings and wood houses go on those blocks. On the other hand there are some I won’t miss like the Jack in The Box.

    Hopefully the developers selected for TOD will do something nice like Brix rather than building as cheap/ugly as they can get away with.

    Sound Transit’s Capitol Hill TOD Plans.

    The City really needs to consider a huge zoning variance for these 4 parcels. Particularly for the parcel identified as “site B” in the ST documents. 40′ is way too restrictive for development essentially on top of the regions major transit spine. I’d say site B needs to be at least 65′. I’d really like to see the city consider allowing 105′ (same as the MIO for site D) for these 4 parcels, especially if the developers include affordable housing. The city should remove any parking minimums that apply to these parcels and consider imposing a parking maximum. Cutting down on the parking will help make any housing built more affordable.

    1. I think part of that site is over the station underground, which would explain the height limit.

      1. The height limit is City of Seattle zoning. According to the ST TOD doc the station box will support 5 over 1 construction and larger structures could be built as long as they bridge the station box. In any case I believe that is only a concern for sites A and C. Site B appears to be largely clear of the station box.

  4. Wow! I am excited to see some new progress on the station, I just can’t believe how long they are going to be working on it.

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