Sounders at King Street Station
Sounders at King Street Station by Brian Bundridge

There has been a few e-mails regarding taking Sounder to see the Sounders FC and your in luck, at least for one direction.

Those who live near the South Sounder line can hop on the 4:45pm train departing Tacoma to Seattle and get to today’s opening game of the Seattle Sounders FC vs New York Red Bull. You will only have 20 minutes or so to spare but thankfully Qwest Field is a very short walk!

For future games, gamers can take the 4:45pm and 5:35pm trains to Qwest Field. Most games will start between 7pm and 8pm.

After the game however, you are on your own. If you live in Sumner or Puyallup, you unfortunately have no way of getting back home since there is no bus service to Sumner or Puyallup from Seattle, Federal Way, or Tacoma after 8:30pm. Those who do live in Tacoma can take Sound Transit route 594 until 11:34pm. Those in the valley, can take the King County Metro route 150 to Tukwila and Kent until 1:23am, then the 180 or 565 to Auburn Station at 2:16am and 10:34pm respectively.

Those on the North Line, you unfortunately do not have a reverse commute train available to return to Seattle. From Everett Station, you can take take Sound Transit Route 510 which stops at South Everett Freeway Station, NE 145th and NE 45th to 5th and Jackson followed by a short walk to the stadium. The last bus is at 11:45pm.

Those of you on the Eastside can of course take the Sound Transit routes 545 from Redmond, 554 from Issaquah and the 550 from Bellevue to enjoy the game.

Go Sounders!

22 Replies to “Taking Sounder to the Sounders FC?”

      1. That they did. ESPN said they are only the second MLS team to win their opener (Chicago Fire went on to win MLS Cup). And they pulled if off with a senior citizen in goal. Who knows if the Seattle P-I’s annual Sports Star of the Year awards dinner will continue and if so I know Griffy will be the sentimental favorite but I say Go Keller!!

  1. The last Seattle – Tacoma train under Sound Move was slightly delayed due to the lack of room in Tacoma. The 9th train will start in June/July. The 4 extra trains under ST2 will be added between 2012 and 2016 along with platform expansions.

    There will not be anymore Seattle – Everett trains added to the schedule unless demand was to drastically increase and a big hand out to BNSF Railway.

  2. Who’s red locomotive is that?

    Hopefully the weekend games can get special service like the Seahawks games do.

  3. What would be REALLY useful is a late-night peak-direction run. The last peak-hour trains should leave on schedule as they do now, but how about adding an 11:00p or 11:30p outbound run on both lines? It would work to accommodate concert-goers, sports fans, bar flies, and people who just had to work late.

  4. Ride Sounder to Sounders! Oh, but only if you live along the south line. And only if you don’t mind showing up when the game is JUST starting. And only if you take the bus to get back, some time before the 11:45pm beddy bye time.

    Sigh. We have a long way to go…

  5. We should stop complaining about our bus service. Check out where some of my family live: Route 36 Holland Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is a bus route that serves Virginia’s largest city (by population – around 400,000 something people). At least we have our 11:45 PM buses and our Night Owls (even the dreaded 174)

    1. Sorrrrry – lame excuse. We ALL (even folks in Virginai Beach) need to get over the car thing, the sooner the better – more transit is never too much!

      1. Jessica’s just being positive :) Indeed, we have a pretty strong bus network in Seattle. I think we need to play catch up with rail, though.

      2. My apologies – I did NOT mean to be snotty. However, I hear it from too many people too often about how “lucky” we are in Pugetopolis. Yes we do have an excellent bus service with rail about to begin for real. However, as someone who voted for rail here 40 years ago, it has been a long time coming, and luck had no part of our comparatively good situation. It was the work of many over 3 generations, including the STB folks most recently, to whom we owe a trainload of thanks! Again, my apologies.

  6. Does anyone know if Sound Transit is planning a ‘Sounders Sounder’, like the Mariners and Seahawks service? Besides the clever marketing, one train going north and south would help alleviate the traffic jam and backed-up transit schedules after the game, particularly when the bus tunnel is out of service.

  7. hello everyone…is there a train from everett mall to downtown seattle?..i m actually in NY at the moment but moving back to the seattle area soon…thanks to everyone…go seahawks!!!!

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