Streetfilms has another great Seattle video, this time of a crosswalk on Alaskan Way that automatically lights up when pedestrians step on the yellow crosswalk indicator.

Pretty cool stuff. SDOT, making streets safer one crosswalk at a time.

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  1. There’s also one on Boren near James. As a driver (until Link opens) I really appreciate the extra visibility it gives to pedestrians.

  2. I’ve seen one at the Renton Transit Center. The only problem is the ID10T who refuses to stop (and gives you the one-finger-salute)

  3. We have a couple of those at the Renton transit center but the sensors are apparently located in two towers on either side. It’s nice to see that they can be slimmed down a bit.

  4. Is this the first type of foot activated crosswalk in the US, or are other cities in the US that have this?

  5. I think these are a great idea, and appreciate them both as a driver and a pedestrian, but I wonder what will happen when we have the next snow storm. There are currently lane buttons missing all over the city from the snow plows this last winter (that ironically seemed unable to plow the snow, but were very good at removing the lane buttons). These new flashing light markers sit proud of the road surface too, so will also be susceptible to being scraped up by plows.

    The safety concern of course is that as people become accustomed to the markers, they start to become reliant on them. When they suddenly go missing after a snopocalypse type event, will these cross walks become more dangerous than they were before the markers were installed? Or do we figure that the lives saved in the interim will offset any increased danger in that event?

    1. Take a closer look at them– 23 seconds in they show a close up shot. These look to be stuck down much better than the ones that are epoxied over the lane stripes.

      1. They might be a little lower profile than the typical buttons, but as you can see at 42 seconds they are still stuck on top of the existing concrete pavement (not recessed into it).

      2. I LOVE these lights as a driver. I hear they are really expensive. I noticed the ones on James by Seattle U were up for a while and now are gone. I fear for the safety of those students.

        I wonder if there is a way to have really really contrasty reflective paint that will at least catch the eye better.

  6. These lights are from a certain vendor which has designed the lights so that if they are struck by a snowplow, that they will break off like a lane marker button. There are no power lines between the home base piece and the light. Instead, these are actually receiving power through induction.

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