MUNI 1299
Boeing-Vertol SF Muni train, scan by Mod as hell

In 1978, the first major post-WWII light rail system in North America opened in Edmonton, Alberta. Like Link (since Joni Earl), it was under budget! Interestingly, it’s also high floor.

1978 also marked the year that the PCC cars were retired on MBTA’s D branch, and the horrible, awful Boeing light rail vehicles completely took over the line. They broke down constantly, despite being marketed by Boeing-Vertol as the “standard light rail vehicle“. That didn’t fly… so to speak.

Who’s excited? Should we try to throw a party on a train?

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  1. Apparently the Sounders are playing Chelsea that day, so I’m going to round up my hooligans and ride link!

  2. Here’s a delightful party we could try to emulate, but not on Chelsea vs Sounders day.

  3. Pub crawl!!

    Starting at Von’s (or Gordon Biersch?) and ending at the Silver Dollar Casino on International Blvd.

    Suggestions welcome for the in-between locations, but the CC Ale House is an obvious contender.

    1. It’d be like drinking around the world at Epcot. :)

      Has anyone else done that? I didn’t get far.

    2. Note, on opening weekend (18th and 19th) trains run a short day — 10 am to 8 pm on Sat., 10 am to 6 pm on Sun. Only with revenue service on Monday do they start running full 20-hour days

  4. Sounders game vs Chelsea. Oh yeah. It’ll be a pretty good test of how well Link will mix with future stadium crowds, both link riders and regular pedestrians (or how surprised people will be to see the trains actually carrying people!).

    Qwest will be expanded to full capacity for that game, too. (Full capacity, as in, Seahawks crowd-full capacity. It’s going to be pretty loud in there.)

  5. “1978 also marked the first year of the horrible, awful Boeing light rail vehicles in San Francisco and Boston.”


    From the Wikipedia article linked to above:

    The LRVs entered revenue service on December 30, 1976 on the MBTA’s Green Line “D” Branch; the first regular runs on the Muni system came in 1979 in the months leading to the opening of the Muni Metro.

    You know what else was making the rounds on December 30, 1976??

    SWINE FLU!!!

    1. Oh, hell. Thanks for noticing that. I updated with exactly what I had gotten that date from – I didn’t realize they were phased. The PCCs were taken out of service on that line in 1978.

    2. Yeah yes, the old 1970s swine flu. And yet we all lived! (I wasn’t born yet, but whatever)…

      The last Boeing-Vertol train was taken out of service in 2002. Now they are gone forever.

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