Brentt Mackie Pierce Transit
Brentt Mackie Pierce Transit


STB is happy to congratulate Brentt Mackie of Pierce Transit for placing first at the American Public Transportation Association Bus Roadeo competition. From Pierce Transit’s press release:

Lakewood, WA – For the second time in three years, Pierce Transit Bus Operator Brentt Mackie has been awarded the First Place trophy in the 40-foot Transit Coach Division at the 2009 International Bus Roadeo that just concluded in Seattle.

“I’m very proud of Brentt. He has consistently performed outstanding in local, state, and international competitions. He is admired by his Roadeo peers and consistently represents Pierce Transit admirably,” said Lynne Griffith, Pierce Transit CEO. “Brentt’s award for a second time in three years confirms Pierce Transit is home to the best. There are many incredible people like Brentt at Pierce Transit – operators, supervisors, police officers, managers, mechanics, customer service reps, SHUTTLE employees, and professional staff that are hard at work trying to make the ride with Pierce Transit just a little bit better. Congratulations Brentt!”

The Roadeo competition requires drivers to maneuver their vehicles through an intricate maze of graded exercises that includes serpentine turns, passenger stops, and reverse turns that duplicate the demanding requirements of everyday driving. The final exercise is high-speed braking where operators maneuver through a row of ten 55-gallon barrels spaced only inches wider than the bus.

The Pierce Transit Maintenance Team made up of Journey Level Mechanic Jose Guzman, Mechanic I Mike Cosentino, and Apprentice Mechanic David Kreienbrink also worked extremely well together this year.

The event is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association and coincides with the annual convention being held this year in Seattle. The Bus Roadeo was developed to provide participants with positive, job-related motivation by emphasizing the important role played by bus drivers and mechanics in providing transit customers with safe and reliable transit service.

I’m not familiar with these competitions but I’m assuming it is similar to this and this. Other organizations and individuals from our state that also placed are:

  • Community Transit, of Everett, WA won first place in the  Maintenance Competition
  • Ben Franklin Transit, Kennewick, WA won first place as the best bus operator in North America in the 35-foot category 
  • Gabe Fernos of Spokane Transit Authority was the first place winner in the Pre-Trip Inspection Competition 
  • Paul Goodwin of Kitsap Transit, Kitsap, WA earned a second place in the Customer Service Challenge 

Congrats to all and a huge thanks to all of the bus operators, mechanics, and service personnel that work every day to provide safe and convenient transit service.

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  1. Error! Mr. Mackie is a driver from Tacoma’s Pierce Transit, not Community Transit of Snohomish County

  2. :::giggles:::

    Yeah, I’ve been on his buses before. Just not in Snohomish County ;)

    1. I head to Virginia Beach (I even have comments about your #36 bus). But ture, I wouldn’t buy a car (ask on this blog about the benefits of a Microsoft ID)

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  3. I’m kinda surprised nobody said much about Dan Schmidt at BFT winning the 35ft category.

    He tends to win the category each year, and is something of a celebrity because of it.

    Somehow Los Angeles MTA got the grand champion award though. I don’t get it.

  4. It is a shame that that nothing was said on Dan Schmidt (5 time first place winner)
    retiring from roadeo competition.Or the other drivers from Washington that have done well .

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