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Buried in the massive Metro service change proposal related to Link are two minor reroutes:

  • Terminate Route 66 and 67 at the Northgate Transit Center instead of the Northgate P&R lot. This is because the Park & Ride is slated to become an actual park. The change would take effect in June 2009.
  • Make permanent the “temporary” shortening of Route 240 to terminate at the Renton Transit Center instead of the South Renton P&R

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  1. I wonder where the 66/67 operators will layover if they don’t go up to the P&R. It’s also kind of a shame, since I’ll take one of those up to get to Best Buy or Target and I only have to walk across the street; this’ll force me to walk across the mall or transfer my lazy self.

      1. Yeah, you can transfer to the 16 or the 75 or something along those lines.
        Or you can go to a store downtown instead. Muahaha. :)

      2. Sadly, no Best Buy, Target or JC Penney downtown – Hey developers! Get with the program!!

  2. From my experience, the termination at the P&R is confusing to some newbies who wonder “it stops at the Transit Center, right?”

  3. What’s really great about this photo is that it does such a nice job of comparing two alternative modes of transport, the Street car with steel wheels & track and the bus.

    The street car is cooler to ride, but it loses on every other comparison.

    1. Streetcar vs. Bus

      High Capacity: Streetcar
      Easier to board: Streetcar
      Smoother ride: Streetcar
      Easier for new riders: Streetcar
      Creates less street noise: Streetcar
      More energy efficient: Streetcar
      Encourages more development: Streetcar

      1. Considering the 17, you also left off “comes on time”. Of course, let’s be fair and mention the SLUT had a higher capital cost. The worst for both is the 5 stoplights between Denny and Stewart.

        You can see my office building right above the front of the bus (grayish building with teal, UW SLU bldg C).

      2. When are we going to have signal priority for transit? I’ve heard it talked about here in reference to Light Rail and Street Car, but it’s just as possible to do it for buses. I heard that Redmond was working on something like this and have seen little antennas along the 545 route, but I have no idea if it helps. I seem to hit plenty of stoplights while driving the 545.

      3. goes nowhere..streetcar
        needs dedicated maintenance shed on it’s tracks…streetcar
        even when not near a bicycle, it’s bicycle dangerous because of it’s tracks…streetcar
        high cost…streetcar
        more energy efficient…electric trolley (less weight)
        ripped out because the system was going broke…streetcars (1940’s)

      4. The streetcar system was not going broke. It’s operations were turning a profit.

        The courts required streetcar fares covered the capital costs that were still being paid off. By that measure, every single public transit agency in the country should be shut down.

      5. hated by rich art lovers….waterfront streetcar
        loved by me and my kids and tourists…waterfront streetcar

        BTW we rode the streetcars in San Fransisco along the waterfront and they were great. Too bad we had to rip ours out.

      6. I’ve ridden waterfront streetcar far more than I’ve been to the sculpture park (only once). Despite the fact that the streetcar is probably dead and the sculpture park will live on, I doubt that will change. Oh well, good thing all of those SAM folks got their park at the expense of a wonderful tourist attraction and a fun/useful mode of transportation…

        Frankly, I didn’t see much sculpture at the sculpture park… I guess I’m not cultured enough.

  4. Ben,

    to go north from the NTC, riders may transfer to routes 16, 41, 68, 75, 242, and 347-348; Routes 41 and 242 go north on 5th Avenue NE; Route 16 goes west on NE Northgate Way; and, routes 68, 75, and 347-348 go east on NE Northgate Way.

    Another difference between Route 17 and Route 98: Route 17 goes farter; it take riders north to Sunset Hill via Westlake, Nickerson and SPU, and Ballard; it goes south to White Center through downtown Seattle via interline with Route 23. Route 98 is only 1.5 miles long.

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