We’re going to have a old-style STB meetup on Wednesday, June 10, at the Pyramid Alehouse, 1201 1st Ave S.

No surprise guest speakers.  No MC.  No pre-registration and paypal.  Just good company.   I’ll show up by 6pm, but since there’s no program do whatever you like.

So that we get about the right size area, I’d appreciate it if those that intend to come say so in the comments.

21 Replies to “June Meet-up”

  1. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ll probably be there.

    Lurkishly yours,


  2. The meet-up’s on the same day as the ITE End-of-Quarter event in the evening. Hmm… maybe I can be there late.

      1. I know, but what part will be the STB area? I’m not about to go and watch the STBers from across the dining room.

  3. I can’t make it… but they have a private room upstairs that you can request for a meeting.

  4. Never been to one of these, but I’d love to meet some transit folks, so I’ll be there.

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