SP 4449 by Brian Bundridge
SP 4449 by Brian Bundridge

This weekend, there are several special rail related events happening in the Pacific Northwest;

July 3-5; Disney’s A Christmas Carol train tour will be open for display Friday and Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm. The train will depart early morning to Spokane on July 6th.

July 3rd: The Southern Pacific 4449 steam locomotive will be departing Portland’s Union Station at 8am for it’s long journey to Michigan for Train Festival 2009. The locomotive will be away for about 3 months as it tours the Midwest. There are tickets still available for day trip segments if your interested (short notice) This is the first time this century that a privately owned steam locomotive has traveled outside of its home terminal. The last locomotive to make this trip was the ATSF 3751 in August and September 1992. Union Pacific Railroad, which owns the 844 and 3985 steam locomotives travel yearly to various locations across the United States.

July 4th: The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad will be having a party on both trains with free cake, flags, and live music on-board the trains.

Feel free to add on to the calendar!

Have a great and safe 4th of July!

14 Replies to “Independence Day Special Events”

  1. The SP Daylight actually is a quiet train. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it go by at Edmonds a few years back. I was ready for the roar of steam and it went by with no more than a swoosh. WHAT an impressive piece of machinery!

    1. Oh, and one of the best examples of industrial design ever produced (although I’m still slightly partial to the look of the much less practical Raymond Loewy S1). Looking at the pictures I’m thinking maybe with some black trim the Rapid Ride buses might not be so bad ;-)

  2. The Disney train: Darn! I’m in Virginia seeing family and won’t be back until late Sunday night (as in, the 230 leaving Bellevue at 10:20 PM).

    1. Good work Alexjonlin, I just noticed your ‘scoop’ after I posted my comment below.

    Canada’s security service has approved providing border checks for the 2nd train between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, starting in August.
    The 2nd train will run at least through the first half of next year on a pilot project, then be evaluated for permanent status, thus dropping the $1500 per train border fee they have been asking for.
    Great News from our Canadian friends, and hard work on their part to make this happen.
    It’s doubtful the new ‘arrangement’ will go away after the pilot project.(Face saving!)
    HT Preston, Ian, Bruce

    1. Yes, I just read this in the Seattle Times this morning – hopefully, its popularity will be proved before the games and not just during and hopefully after. A successful second train in the Summer and Fall will I am sure guarantee its continuence after the games are over.

  4. Well then, count me in for the 2010 Olympics. How good is Translink’s (as well as Vancouver proper) accessibility for wheelchairs?

  5. Jessica,

    They are very, very good with wheelchair accessibility. You won’t have any problems with the buses, SkyTrain, Canada Line or the Streetcar… along with the SeaBus, West Coast Express…. I can go on and on…. =)

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