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  1. Enjoyed the rides… Oh, and as for me showing up at Westlake at oh-dark-thirty, there was no need!

    Craving milk shakes from Jack In The Box

  2. Rode north bound from the ID station to Westlake after the Sounders game (and a few beers at FX McRorys). Just cuz. Only had to wait about 15 minutes for a train. Not many folks on the platform, but the train itself was pretty packed. There seemed to be a wait of 30 to 45 minutes southbound however.

  3. Great day overall on the train, except for the part where I lost my wallet somehow on the 10:00 southbound train. Called ST about it and their suggestion was to wait until Monday and see if it was turned in, or visit each station’s Welcome Portal as they each have a lost and found box, but the volunteers at the individual stations didn’t seem to have a way to contact each other to see if it was somewhere in the system.

    Ended up riding the whole circuit twice (once in the morning for fun, and once in the afternoon stopping at each station looking for my lost wallet). No luck so far :-(

    1. Someone left their iPhone on the seat at Mt Baker station. Good thing I ran out and yelled “iPhone!” and got it returned. All this before the doors closed.

  4. Interesting seeing all the coverage, very cool.

    I’ll have my first ride along with some Portlandians and Seattlians this next weekend. We figured we’ll skip the first day craziness and see what a more regular weekend day is like. :)

    At some point I’ll probably come up for a week, do a commute into town, and see how that is. Being the Transit Sleuth, I’m always up for a new sleuthing opportunity.

    1. Just so you know. Next Saturday is not a normal weekend day in Seattle.

      12:00 – Sounder match at Qwest Field
      13:10 – Mariner game at Safeco Field
      18:30 – Torchlight Run
      19:30 – Torchlight Parade (attracts around 300,000 people)

      Sunday should be normal except for the Mariner game around 13:00.

    1. Are you sure? I would expect a baseball game to last much longer than soccer, so it looks to me like they’ve staggered stadium arrivals and departures about as well as they could have done.

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