Today is the last day to register to vote or update your voter registration online or by mail if you want to participate in next month’s election. Keep in mind that even if you’re already registered, the Secretary of State needs to have your current address. This election will be conducted exclusively through mail.

12 Replies to “Register to Vote Today”

    1. 2013 for the Streetcar. That’s pretty soon. It’ll be nice to get to Cap Hill quickly without having to deal with the worst parking in Seattle.

      1. In addition to structuring the working agreement with Sound Transit, the bill calls for the City Council to define the line’s route and own the ongoing funding process to manage any costs overruns or renegotiation with Sound Transit.

        Good deal for ST. The $120M they are agreeing to pay is the very low end of the cost estimate and estimates have always drifted up when the level of engineering is advanced. ST also is only on the hook for operating costs starting in 2016 and only has to forward a portion of those funds if the line opens early. My favorite quote from another lame duck politician for route that hasn’t yet been decided let alone engineered, ” We will be fast-forwarding the money.”

        On the good side, I do believe the City is in a better position to decide the route than ST. As we’ve seen with East Link, why do you want the Mayor of Sumner deciding your preferred alignment. And, if (it’s a big IF) the Seattle City Council takes cost effectiveness to heart they certainly are in a better position and have greater motivation to do this cost effectively.

      2. The route may not be decided and the engineering not done, but typically streetcar lines can be done at relative lightning speed compared to most other rail transit.

      3. Nothing, really, it’s just that David Enslow, Sumner mayor, is on the board and had teensy bit of leveraging power on the preferred alternative.

      4. Seattle Tacoma and Everett have the advantage of being guaranteed a place on the board. Currently there is not a single representative from Bellevue even though it’s larger than Everett and larger than Redmond and Kirkland combined (both of which are represented on the board). Even the tunnel option chosen, if Bellevue can pay for it, isn’t the tunnel option identified by the Bellevue City Council as it’s preferred alternative.

      5. Clearly we should add Bellevue as a permanent member. Probably Japan and Germany too, though it that would be politically touchy with Russia and China. But Obama can do it if anyone can!

      6. Haha. But seriously, Bellevue should get permanent representation. How about change it from one rep from the biggest city in each county plus temporary seats to one rep from the biggest city in each subarea plus temporary seats?

      7. I don’t know that Bellevue should get permanent representation so much as any city who is the center of the major capital expenditure of a subarea needs to have a deciding vote on how that occurs. Not saying Bellevue should be able to demand the rest of the subarea fund an expensive tunnel option but at least allow Bellevue to have a vote in the route of that tunnel if they pay the bill. As East Link extends Redmond would take “the drivers seat” then Woodinville/S. Snohomish County, etc.

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