To accommodate Friday morning’s procession for slain officer Timothy Brenton, King County Metro has released the rerouted detours for all routes that will be affected by lie in the path of the procession, which is expected to last from 9am to 11am.  However, traffic is expected to be affected as early as 8am and as late as 1pm.  As far as we know, Metro has not made a clear update linking to all of the reroutes, so we’ve taken the liberty of identifying all of them (pdf).*

[UPDATE: 11:28am] *The procession is now over and Metro has pulled most, if not all, of the reroutes.  A statement was issued:

The procession has concluded.  All buses are back to regular route.  While there are still some delays, most buses are back on schedule.   Expect trolley routes to take a little longer to get back on regular schedule.

While there are no post memorial reroutes, you may experience delays due to heavy traffic around the Seattle Center during and after the event.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this event.

[UPDATE: 6:53am] Metro has added information about the shuttle and more reroutes.  Commenter Transit Supervisor was also kind enough to post specific information about the Queen Anne Shuttle:

– From 2/Clay, via 3 Av, Broad St, Western Av, Western Av W, 2 Av W, via Rt 1 to Kinnear, via the wire to the Rt 2 terminal, continues as inbound 2 to Queen Anne/Galer, left on Queen Anne via Rt 13 to SPU. Opposite in reverse, except that the motor coach will follow regular Rt 1 routing SB on Queen Anne Av N. NB signed “W Queen Anne via SHUTTLE” and SB signed as “To Seattle Center West”

– The other is the Rt 4 Night/Sun routing between the top of the hill and 5 Av N & Valley St. Signed NB “4 E Queen Anne via Nite/Sun Rt” and SB “To Seattle Center East”

See the list of links to individual bus routes below the jump.

[UPDATE:] There are also a number of routes that simply cross the path of the procession but will not be rerouted.  There are too many for us to list so if your bus crosses the route anywhere on this map, it’s a good idea to either plan for delays, walk, or just stay at home.

If you use any of these routes in your commute tomorrow morning, we strongly advise you to make travel preparations beforehand.  Congestion is expected to be severe anywhere near the procession route.  Keep in mind that since a lot of these bus routes lie in the direct path of the procession, major detours may take you far away from your destination, so plan accordingly.

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  1. um … the 1, 2, 13 all head up by Key Arena … would imagine that they’ll be stopped … as will the 3 and 4 which cross Denny Way …

    1. Metro said they’d have all the reroutes up by 10:45, but it looks like they’re still in the process of adding more.

    2. Think about it though. I know they missed posting reroutes for Queen Anne coaches, but where would they reroute them to anyway? Can’t use the 1st & Denny Intersection…..15/18 and 24/33’s are going down Broad st to Western Ave to access Elliot and they are diesels. There is no way of getting to Queen Anne… wire other than 1st Ave N./QA Ave or 5th Ave N. And doing coach changes for all those trolley coaches just after morning peak, and then doing coach changes again before the PM peak isn’t possible.

      So I assume there will be some kind of a Queen Anne Shuttle because the last place going North for 1,2,3,4,& 13’s is the turnback at Lenora. I assume last stop at 3rd/Virginia, then L-Lenora, L-1st Ave, L-Virginia…..temp terminal, then R-3rd Ave and C-on regular schedule S/B. Why nothing is posted, thats a good Question.

      As for routes 5, 358 @ Aurora and 26, 28 on Dexter, I’m wondering if they will allow them to cross, similar to Parades, when they allow Metro only to cross.

      The Street Car I’m sure will be allowed to cross, but if so, why would the reroute the 17….if they allow the street car, why not the 17 too?

      And the 48 using I-5….thats a long way out of the way. So is the 16, via Elliot, 15th Ave W, Nickerson, Fremont, and N 35th back to regualr route on Stone Way…….thats a crazy one too.

      So I know many of you are dissapointed at Metro for the lack of some reroutes, but atleast some of these are here. And not sure if anyone else explored the new section or not, but all the Green River Flood reroutes are posted, and Snow Reroutes for each route as well. Plus you can sign up and check any route that you want for email updates. Hopefully this will work great when the snow or the flooding comes, even though as a Metro Driver, I’m hoping for neither. After last year, I don’t need any snow for a while.

      1. Well, now the rest are posted, just in time. I guess I was wrong about them letting a few routes cross at Aurora and Dexter, because now I see them via, Eastlake. And there is the Queen Anne Shuttles. The only thing is the temp turnback for trolleys @ Broad st, becuase there isn’t one. I guess the only way, is they drop to passengers @ Cedar NB, then get pushed around the block by Atlantic 1, the wrecker, or some shop trucks.

  2. Yep, that’s right Gordon…how they forgot those is beyond me!

    Also missing from the list are the buses that cross near Aurora, the 5 and the 358.

    Another one is the 8 which goes up Denny and covers parts of the route up near Broadway.

    As I said in another post, with as much time as they’ve had Metro seems to be unable to use technology to show all the routes.

    My thought is, if ya can take the day off, just do so, cuz bein stuck on a bus on a rainy day just isn’t my idea of a good time, and with a flu epidemic goin on buses are just big ol’ rolling germ factories.

    I’m going to be heading into town early to attend the memorial as well as stand along the route for as long as my bad legs will allow me to do so.

    1. Yeah. Maps please. The part about which stops are close and open are useful but the routing is just cryptic. I have to say in Metros defense that I think a lot of this is a result of computer systems that are just too old. Routing information should be linked to a GIS database but I highly doubt they are.

      Regular route to
      NB Bellevue Av
      & Pine St
      C on NB Bellevue Av
      R on EB E Olive Way
      L on NB Broadway Av E
      C on regular route


      USE STOPS:
      EB E OLIVE WY/
      FS E JOHN ST

  3. Imagine it’ll also severely affect the 43 if it’s affecting the 48. Probably also going to hit the 11, 12, 8, and possibly the 10.

    I called Metro customer service tonight and asked for suggested routes from 23rd and Aloha to UW. I swear to god, the rep told me my best bet was to just stay home.

    1. Keep in mind that there are a billion cross-routes that do intersect the path of the procession, but won’t need to be rerouted. There will just be severe delays.

  4. So Stewart St at Denny Way is going to be blocked beginning 8 am?

    If that’s so it means more than a dozen commuter routes from the Eastside (250, 252, 256, 257, 261, 265, 266, 268) and Snohomish County (ST 510, 511, 513, CT 401, 402, 404, 405, 408, 410, 411, 414, 415, 417, 422, 424) that use Stewart St will be affected.

    I only see alerts for the 255 and 545. Community Transit has a short rider alert but no detailed reroutes.

    1. They’re gonna start clearing out traffic out of the way shortly before 9, but a mad scramble is anticipated as early as 8.

  5. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have started at Qwest or Safeco field and gone down first Ave. It would have been way less disruptive then starting at UW

    1. Why couldn’t they have simply started at Key Arena? In a typical funeral procession, you have people moving from the funeral home to the cemetery. If I understand correctly, such is not the case here, and this procession is all for show. Why are we doing this?

      1. If you have to ask it is clear you don’t understand.

        Many fellow officers and firefighters as well as ordinary citizens want to honor an officer who was gunned down in a senseless assassination.

      2. Chris,

        The man can be honored without f-ing up the city for a day. All it would take is some thought. Now I’ll bet there are many cursing the police today. Great PR!!

      1. I think the procession for Mark McLaughlin was on a Saturday so it would have made some sense to hold the services for Officer Brenton tomorrow. Besides if the services had been on a weekend I might have stood on the route to honor Officer Brenton.

  6. the 1, 2, 8, 13, 15, 18 don’t simply cross the route … they all run up 1st ave north which will be closed since it will be 100% full of police cars and other assorted vehicles. Depending on whether they tie up Mercer Street will also determine whether or not the 30 (Seattle Center – UDistrict) cancels.

    What about the SLUT? will it be stopped too?

    1. I know. I’ve listed them as ones that “lie in the procession path” but have been ignored by Metro.

      No word on the SLUT or a Queen Anne shuttle they said they were going to provide.

      It took me getting half way through the updates when I realized what a big PR fail this is by Metro. Sigh…

    2. SLUT will just have to wait for the procession to pass. I’m not sure if they’re just going to limit the route temporarily to just before Denny or what.

      1. There’s no way to limit the SLUT route because it runs on tracks in a loop. Once it can no longer move forward, there’s no choice but to sit and wait.

  7. There will be 2 Queen Anne Shuttles. I wrote the operator assignments for it:

    – from 2/Clay, via 3 Av, Broad St, Western Av, Western Av W, 2 Av W, via Rt 1 to Kinnear, via the wire to the Rt 2 terminal, continues as inbound 2 to Queen Anne/Galer, left on Queen Anne via Rt 13 to SPU. Opposite in reverse, except that the motor coach will follow regular Rt 1 routing SB on Queen Anne Av N. NB signed “W Queen Anne via SHUTTLE” and SB signed as “To Seattle Center West”

    – The other is the Rt 4 Night/Sun routing between the top of the hill and 5 Av N & Valley St. Signed NB “4 E Queen Anne via Nite/Sun Rt” and SB “To Seattle Center East”

    Good luck in your travels today.

  8. QA Shuttle info is there. If you’re on the Alerts page for “Construction & Events”, select any QA route that indicates shuttle service, like the Rt 1. The link will take you to a pdf with specific info about the shuttle stops and service.

    Also, remember that trolleys can’t really reroute. They have to stay on the wire. So, planning this in two days was probably a real headache for Metro and a lot more work than might be obvious.

  9. I wonder why they didn’t reroute all the routes from North Seattle to Downtown via either Aurora (getting off past Denny), I-5, or Elliott?

    The main announcement on the Metro page is pretty unhelpful and the specific reroutes are confusing (not sure how the 26 reroute will get across Denny for example).

    I realize this is a tough situation for them and the route is unfortunate from a transit mobility perspective, but the reality is that could have done a better job of getting the word out. The main notice from the Metro homepage doesn’t even tell you to go to your route for reroute info.

  10. I wanted to say that I just came back from the UW start of the procession and it was quite moving.

    I also wanted to say that I saw a Metro bus full of mourners and an operators name across the front (Rodriguez? maybe ) a couple of months ago heading down 35th Ave NE to Calvary cemetery as part of a funeral procession. Can anyone shed light on that particular event, as I didn’t realize that Metro did that…

    1. To be more specific, every single press release told people to go the main page of Metro and not once did Metro’s main page actually feature information about these reroutes.

      The actual reroutes didn’t have maps, but terse driver instructions. Riders had no chance of getting clear information. A very reactionary response from Metro.

      1. Not to mention the fact that some reroutes were not even posted until after the procession started.

        It’s true that Metro rider alerts are just not user-friendly in general. To the common transit rider, it takes a good racking of the brain to figure out the detour.

    2. I am so glad I had today off – this was inexcusably bad on KCM’s part. Is there such a vacuum of leadership and awareness that with 48+ hours to plan for this event, they could not have done a better job? Comparisons to the Snowpocalypse would be unfair, but…

      This event does also warrant discussion of the need for a more “standarized” format for these kinds of events, and perhaps even a limitation to the weekends – includes parades, airshows and much more. As a “grown up” city we can and must do better at these kinds of events, allowing those who must celebrate/mourn the space and time to do so, but without inconveniencing 25% of more of the rest of the populace.

      1. I completely agree. Seattle is a young city so we haven’t figured these things out yet.

        It is completely unprofessional to shut down a commute into a major city because of poor planning, processions, or even an afternoon Mariner’s game. Seriously, every time there was an afternoon baseball game this summer no busses moved on 3rd Av for over an hour during the evening commute, and 1st Ave was complete gridlock for cars and busses. As if the convenience of 30,000 fans outweights more than 200,000 downtown workers…

  11. Were there any buses IN the procession? It would be nice if non-drivers could join the procession.

  12. I note with interest that this debacle happened while Greg Nickels and Pat Davis are still in office. And I suspect that is not a coincidence!!

  13. One comment: Grade separated transit!

    I took the Monorail to cross Denny this monring at 9:45. No delays or reroutes…

    Cities with subways systems don’t get shut down from processions or parades.

    1. Score a point for University Link!

      An unrelated anecdote: It took me 4 minutes of walking from Westlake Station’s platforms to catch the 43. If U-Link were open I’d be at my destination already (which happens to be near the future Capitol Hlll station).

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